Remove Makeup, Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Face
With Just Water!


“Say Goodbye To All Your Face Cleansers, Face Washes, Soaps, Scrub Gels, Cottons, Make-up Wipes....”

Elegant, Simple & Effective

Chrome Stiletto presents a unique way to remove your makeup,
cleanse & exfoliate. We have designed 5-finger gloves to
give you the most natural & convenient feeling ever. From now on you can
remove your makeup with ultimate precision to reach every inch, corner & curve of your face.

Pure & Natural

Did you know

Our products are designed in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. And made in the world leading beauty capital Seoul, South Korea.

Dress up your bathroom

Give these gloves a great spot, where they can shine & remind you of your daily beauty ritual.

Relax more

Make your bath or shower even more relaxing. Create your own spa ritual at home.

I love them!! They took off waterproof eyeliner in like one swipe, I was like whaaaaaat?!

Nancy V.

Beauty Expert

Omg I can finally remove my eye-makeup so precisely without damaging or touching my eyelash extensions!

Johanna T.

As a mother of two toddlers I hardly have time to clean my face properly, but these products make it so easy and convenient. My skin instantly felt so fresh and clean!

Marieke G.

It felt weird to clean and scrub my face with water only.. But I must say that the results are seriously mind-blowing! I don’t think there are any other products that makes cleansing my skin so freakingly easy and fast!

Erica L.

Tijdens het scrubben heb ik totaal niet door dat ik aan het scrubben ben, omdat het meer voelt als een massage. Na afloop is mijn huid wél super zacht en glad.

May Cate


“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.”

~ Linden Tyler ~