It is one of our missions to improve women’s lives by simplifying daily beauty rituals with minimal effort and maximum results.

  • We’re raising our standards
  • We’re changing the beauty industry
  • Looking good has never been this easy
  • Simplicity, perfection, and elegance combined
  • Only choose the best. Never settle for anything less
  • Why? Because it’s possible. And because you deserve it!

Our Story

In our vision, our company and brand name Chrome Stiletto stands for the uniqueness, sharpness, power, elegance, beauty, and energy any of us possesses. We know how many of us struggle to take care and be proud of their unique identity and personality. To put your very best out there each and every day. To make it count! Our research and combined experiences have shown evidence that being yourself and feeling natural, energized and in control of who you are, empowers and radiates.

Don't we all in some way sometimes complain about not having enough time? Not having the right tools and products to get the job done? Using several products and materials driving you to unnecessary spending your money. We get you!

Chrome Stiletto believes in delivering great products and services by combining fashion, beauty, & lifestyle. Our primary task is to engage and listen to our customers' struggles, itches, irritations, frustrations but also to their wishes, challenges and ideas, so we can design and develop products they demand and need in their daily lives to fully enjoy and experience a carefree and happy life.

We don't aim to become the biggest and produce for the masses in an over-crowded market of fashion, lifestyle, and cosmetics. We dare to be different by challenging the status-quo and by choosing for a more nimble, flexible, agile way of designing, developing and producing to quickly respond and adapt while keeping the interest of our customers in focus.

We invite everyone to contact us with ideas for new products and services that will add value and enrich our lives.