When you choose to purchase our products, you are subject to the following terms and conditions. We advise you to read these terms and conditions carefully prior to purchase. We also recommend you to save or print these terms and conditions, so you can consult them again at a later date.


  • Terms and Conditions in short
  • Corporate Identity
  1. Definitions
  2. Applicability of the terms and conditions
  3. Prices and Information
  4. Registration
  5. Establishment Agreement
  6. Delivery
  7. Withdrawal/Returns
  8. Payments
  9. Guarantees
  10. Complaints Procedure
  11. Liability
  12. Retention of Title
  13. Personal Details
  14. Final Provisions
  • Contact Details


  • By ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled by Chrome Stiletto as responsible for the personal information.
  • Events outside Chrome Stiletto’s control shall be considered force majeure.
  • The price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order.
  • Shipping costs are recognized before confirming the purchase.
  • Card information is transmitted over secure SSL encryption and is not stored.
  • Please note that local charges may occur.
  • Chrome Stiletto reserves the right to amend any information without prior notice.


Chrome Stiletto
Hurksestraat 19
5652 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands
(no visiting address)

E-mail: info@chromestiletto.com
VAT identification number: NL200233786B01
Chamber of commerce number: 64323692
IBAN: NL65RABO0312537638

All rights, obligations, proposals, offers, orders and agreements that fall under these terms and conditions, are applicable under Dutch Law and Jurisdiction. Chrome Stiletto reserves the right to revise and modify these general terms and conditions any time. If products are ordered from the Chrome Stiletto website, the customer automatically accepts the stipulations set out in these terms and conditions.


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

Chrome Stiletto is a company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and established under the Dutch law, registered with the chamber of commerce under number 64323692, and ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ shall mean Chrome Stiletto.

Site is the website www.chromestiletto.com, including all of its sub-domains.

Customer is the natural person not acting in the performance of a profession or business, who enters into an agreement with Chrome Stiletto and/or registers on the site, and ‘you’ shall mean customer.

Products are all products as offered on the site.

Agreement means the agreement concluded between Chrome Stiletto and the customer of which the terms and conditions form an integral part.


2.1 The terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements, and deliveries from Chrome Stiletto, unless otherwise explicitly agreed on in writing.

2.2 An agreement will not be formed unless explicitly accepted by Chrome Stiletto in writing.


3.1 All prices on the website of Chrome Stiletto are in euro’s and include taxes and other levies imposed by the government unless stated otherwise on the website.

3.2 If shipping costs are charged, these will be clearly stated on the site before the agreement is concluded. The shipping costs will be displayed separately in the ordering process.

3.3 It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any additional charges for customs clearance and/or import or export duties. Please note that Chrome Stiletto does not have control over these charges and cannot predict their amount. Please contact your local customs office for further information.

Please also note that you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the goods are destined. Chrome Stiletto will not be liable for any breach by you of any such laws.

3.4 The content of the website is composed with the greatest care. However, Chrome Stiletto cannot guarantee that all information on the website is correct and/or complete at all times. All prices and other information about our products on the website and on other materials of Chrome Stiletto are subject to possible typographical errors and/or programming mistakes. Chrome Stiletto cannot be held responsible for such typographical errors and/or programming mistakes and reserves the right to correct such errors at all times.

3.5 Chrome Stiletto cannot be held responsible or liable for any differences in color between the products displayed on the site and the products in reality.


4.1 To make the best use of the website, the customer can register via the registration form on the website. During the registration process, the customer chooses a username and password with which the customer, once registered, can log in to the website. The customer is solely responsible for choosing a sufficiently reliable password.

4.2 The customer submits to keep his login credentials, username, and password strictly confidential. Chrome Stiletto shall not be liable for any misuse of the login credentials and should always assume that a customer who logs on to the website is an actual customer. Everything that is done via the account of the customer is the responsibility and risk of the customer.

4.3 If the customer knows or suspects that his login credentials have come into the hands of unauthorized log-in data, the customer has to change the password as soon as possible and/or to inform Chrome Stiletto, so that Chrome Stiletto is able to take appropriate action.


5.1 The agreement is concluded when the customer accepts the offer of Chrome Stiletto, which is subject to the terms and conditions.

5.2 If the customer has accepted the offer by electronic means, Chrome Stiletto will also confirm receipt of acceptance of the offer by electronic means.

5.3 If it is found that, in accepting or otherwise entering into the agreement, the details provided by the customer are incorrect, Chrome Stiletto has the right to suspend its obligations until correct details are received from the customer.


6.1 The website includes information describing delivery details of the products and an estimation of the term in which the products will be delivered to the customer.

6.2 Shipment of the order will take place once Chrome Stiletto has received payment for the order.

6.3 Chrome Stiletto aims to ship all orders via professional distributors to the delivery address specified in the order, within one (1) business day after receipt of payment. If Chrome Stiletto deviates from this for any reason, the customer will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible. In such case, Chrome Stiletto shall aim to ship the order within five (5) business days after receipt of payment. The shipping time is indicative and is therefore not guaranteed.

6.4 Chrome Stiletto is not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes or in case of ‘force majeure’. If a delivery suffers a delay, or if the delivery cannot be dispatched or only partially, due to the goods not being in stock or other reasons, the customer will be notified as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the order was placed. In this case, the customer can decide to either agree to a new delivery date or to terminate the agreement, free of charge. Chrome Stiletto will refund the paid amount to the customer as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after termination.

6.5 If the package is damaged upon arrival, the customer should notify Chrome Stiletto within 24 hours through info@chromestiletto.com and we will contact the shipping company.

6.6 If the product shows any defect upon receipt, the customer may report this to Chrome Stiletto within two (2) business days after delivery in writing or by e-mail.

6.7 Ownership of merchandise will not be transferred until the associated obligations of the customer have been fulfilled. At the point of transfer of ownership, which is at the point of delivery of the products, product liability is transferred to the customer.


7.1 The customer has the right to return the purchased product, within fourteen (14) days after the product has been delivered to the customer.

7.2 If the customer wishes to return the product, the customer has to contact Chrome Stiletto by sending an e-mail to customerservice@chromestiletto.com within the aforementioned period of fourteen (14) days after the product has been delivered to the customer. This e-mail should include the following information:

  • order number;
  • name;
  • delivery address;
  • phone number;
  • e-mail address.

After receipt and acceptance of this e-mail, Chrome Stiletto will provide a Return Authorization number (“RA number”) to the customer. This number must be clearly visible on the outside of the package. After receipt of the RA number, the customer has an additional fourteen (14) days to return the product to Chrome Stiletto. Returns without an RA number will not be accepted. The customer is responsible for the return shipment and its costs.

7.3 Products can only be returned if they are unused, undamaged and have an unbroken seal and must be returned in its original packaging and in its original packing slip. Returns attempted without satisfying all of the aforementioned conditions, will not be accepted.

7.4 The customer is responsible for the chosen shipping method and carrier for returning the products to Chrome Stiletto. The risk of the product will transfer to Chrome Stiletto when the returned product is received by Chrome Stiletto. This means that Chrome Stiletto cannot be held responsible for any return packages which are (for example) lost and/or damaged. We, therefore, advise you to insure the package and to choose for registered shipment with track & trace possibility. Chrome Stiletto does not make any exceptions to this policy.

7.5 When the products are returned to Chrome Stiletto in a good condition, Chrome Stiletto will refund the total order amount as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) business days after receiving the returned products. The costs for transport of return shipments will not be refunded.

7.6 If the returned products are not received by Chrome Stiletto within fourteen (14) business days, the return policy automatically expires. Unless the customer can prove that the products have been sent within the prescribed time period through a tracking number with the vendor’s address.

7.7 When the total order amount of the customer is €50,00 or higher in the Netherlands, no shipping fee will be charged. However, when it appears that products of the same order are returned, bringing the total order amount below €50,00 the shipping costs incurred will be deducted from the refund amount to credit.


8.1 The customer shall pay the order amounts to Chrome Stiletto through the order procedure and payment method on the website. Chrome Stiletto is free to offer any payment method of its choice and may change these methods at any time.

8.2 The customer has the duty to notify Chrome Stiletto about inaccuracies in the payment details.

8.3 In case of default by the customer, for example as a result of reversal or other payment problems, Chrome Stiletto has the right to charge reasonable administration costs, subject to legal restrictions.

8.4 Chrome Stiletto takes reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the website.


9.1 Chrome Stiletto does not provide guarantees to the customer.
Complaints due to visible defects shall be completed no later than within three (3) business days after receipt of the goods. Complaints must be submitted by e-mail.

9.2 If a product does not satisfy the agreement and the customer has notified Chrome Stiletto thereof within the period mentioned in article 7.1, the product concerned will be repaired, replaced or (partially) refunded, such in consultation with the customer. Complaints after the period mentioned in article 7.1 will not be accepted by Chrome Stiletto.

9.3 Chrome Stiletto does not guarantee defects that have arisen after the delivery of the products as a result of improper use or lack of care, or which are the result of changes that the customer or a third party has made to the delivered goods. Nor is Chrome Stiletto responsible for any damage that may arise as a result of these defects.

9.4 Chrome Stiletto does not provide medical advice and does not seek or intend to diagnose or treat skin problems or diseases. If you have a medical skin problem, make an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist. All products must be used as indicated in the product descriptions on this website. Do not use the products on damaged skin. Stop using a product if it causes irritation (redness, itching, burning, flakiness, pain, or other symptoms). If you are dissatisfied with a product, please let us know as soon as possible.

More importantly: since everyone's skin can and will probably respond to external stimuli at some point in time, each product can cause a negative skin reaction at a certain moment. If you become hypersensitive to a certain product, stop immediately and go to the doctor. If you need medical advice for your skin, go to a doctor or dermatologist.

The information provided by Chrome Stiletto does not replace a personal consultation with a dermatologist or doctor and should not be interpreted as individual medical advice.


10.1 If the customer has a complaint about a product (in accordance with article 9 “Guarantees”), or regarding any other aspects of the website or service of Chrome Stiletto, it can submit a complaint by e-mail or in writing. The contact details of Chrome Stiletto are provided at the bottom of the terms and conditions.

10.2 Chrome Stiletto will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, and in any case within seven (7) days after receipt of the complaint. If Chrome Stiletto is unable to formulate a substantive response to the complaint within such period, Chrome Stiletto will answer within seven (7) days an acknowledgment and an indication when the customer will receive a more detailed answer.


11.1 The total liability of Chrome Stiletto in respect of the customer due to an attributable failure to perform the agreement is limited to a compensation which does not exceed the price stipulated for that particular agreement (including VAT and shipping costs).

11.2 Chrome Stiletto cannot be held liable for any indirect damages or losses, including, without limitation, consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings, loss of data and damage due to business interruption.

11.3 Except as otherwise explicitly provided for in this article 11.3, Chrome Stiletto is not subject to any liability, irrespective of the grounds upon which an action or proceeding may be based. The restrictions set out in this article 11.3, will, however, cease to apply if and insofar as the damage or loss is the result of an intentional act or gross negligence on the part of Chrome Stiletto.

11.4 Chrome Stiletto will only be liable to the customer on account of an attributable failure in the performance of an agreement if the customer issues a written notice of default to Chrome Stiletto without delay, stipulating a reasonable period of time in which Chrome Stiletto has the possibility to remedy the default. The notice of default must contain a description of the default in as much detail as possible, in order to enable Chrome Stiletto to provide an adequate response and/or take adequate action.

11.6 Any event giving rise to compensation is always subject to the condition that the customer reports the damage or loss in writing to Chrome Stiletto as soon as possible, but no later than within thirty (30) days after the damage or loss has arisen.

11.7 Chrome Stiletto is not liable to pay compensation for any damage or loss the customer has incurred as a result of a “force majeure event”, as meant in article 6:75 Dutch Civil Code (“DCC”). This includes, amongst others (and without limitation), the event that any third party engaged by Chrome Stiletto is not able to fulfill its obligations due to a "force majeure" event.


12.1 As long as Chrome Stiletto has not received full payment for the products, Chrome Stiletto will retain the ownership of the products.


13.1 Chrome Stiletto respects the privacy of its customers and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. We use your information to process the orders as quickly and easily as possible. Chrome Stiletto will not sell or make your personal information available to third parties.


14.1 The terms and conditions and the agreement are exclusively construed in accordance with and shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

14.2 Any dispute arising out or in connection with the terms and conditions and the agreement, including disputes concerning the existence and validity thereof will if no amicable settlement can be reached, be resolved by the competent Dutch court in the district where Chrome Stiletto has its registered office.

14.3 If a part of these general terms and conditions is declared invalid or void, this will not affect the validity of the other parts of the terms and conditions and these other parts will, therefore, remain in full force.

14.4 In these terms and conditions under “writing” we also mean the communication by e-mail and any other suitable communication method, provided that the identity of the sender and the integrity of the email is enough established.


If you have any questions or complaints, after reading our terms and conditions, please contact us by e-mail or in writing.

Chrome Stiletto
Hurksestraat 19
5652 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands
(no visiting address)

E-mail: info@chromestiletto.com
VAT identification number: NL200233786B01
Chamber of commerce number: 64323692
IBAN: NL65RABO0312537638