Face Scrub

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Diamond Touch
Easy, quick & effective with just water!

  • Eco-friendly, replaces all (messy) face scrub products
  • Natural feeling by using your hand
  • Precision by using your 5 fingers
  • Relax, no more messy sinks, burning eyes or damaged skin!
  • No chemicals, 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free!

Reusable up to 1 year!

A Unique 5-Finger Design..
To scrub your face in the most natural & precise way

How it works? A perfect combination of fit & fabric with a unique, special structure to intensely exfoliate your face, in the most gentle way. Put your glove on, add water and start moving it over your face with natural movements. Give it a quick handwash afterwards and the glove is ready to use again.

❥ Including waterproof travel bag

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Diamond Touch replaces all your scrub products. This glove consists of exfoliating fibers with which you can easily remove all dead skin cells and renew the skin.  An advanced scrub & massage: for deeper & more effective facial cleansing. Designed with the latest micro-technology.  From now on you will scrub your face with utmost precision in the most efficient and effective way. The only thing you need is water. All your other scrub products are history. Diamond Touch is ready to be used wherever you are – on the road, at the office, on the plane, in the fitness club, and so on. The Diamond Touch comes in a luxury waterproof pouch so you can carry the glove easily & hygienically while traveling.

  • Water is all you need
  • Lasts up to 1 year
  • Removes dead skin cells & bacteria
  • Prevents clogged pores, acne & impurities
  • Anti-aging: reduces the visibility of wrinkles & helps to prevent new wrinkles
  • Increases blood circulation and improves fluid balance
  • 100% improvement of overall skin condition
  • Hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • For all skin types, even the most sensitive
  • Precision touch: so perfect to use with eyelash extensions & permanent make-up
  • Ultimate protection of the skin: pH value of the skin remains intact
  • Reveals a smooth, radiant & healthy skin

Additional information

How to use

Use the Diamond Touch only 1 – 2 times per week.

Step 1 Put the Diamond Touch on and hold it under the cold or warm tap
Step 2 Wring out the glove slightly by making a fist
Step 3 Cleanse your face with circular movements & feel the magical fibers work
Step 4 Wash the glove with water and (skin-friendly) soap and let it hang to dry. Repeat this after each use.

Tip: Apply your favorite cream immediately after cleansing and experience ultimate absorption through your skin!


Important! Before first use: Wash the glove with water and (skin-friendly) soap or wash the glove at 40 degrees.

Caution! Do not use fabric softener, otherwise, the fibers of the glove will lose their function.



Good to know: The glove can be worn both left- and right-handed.

2 reviews for Face Scrub

  1. Erica L

    It felt weird to clean and scrub my face with water only.. But I must say the results are seriously mind-blowing! I don’t think there are any other products that makes exfoliating my skin so freakingly easy and fast!

  2. Marloes

    het werkt super goed

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